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We are currently experiencing a problem with our online application form. In the mean time, please download the printable forms, edit them in a word processor such as Microsoft Word, and E-Mail them back to us at grandriverrescue@hotmail.com

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Dear Global Pet Foods,
We are truly grateful to you for choosing our rescue program to sponsor this month and for raising awareness of rescue animals. Thank you to each store who contributed and to all the sponsors who contributed! This money will go to the very important cause of saving the animals. We would like to thank all the customers for their continued support and efforts in our cause.


It is almost time for our annual golf tournament!

When: Sunday July 20, 2014
Time: 1:00 pm, Shotgun start
Where: Grand Valley Golf and Country Club, 1910 Roseville Road, Cambridge

Beginner to advanced, fun for all. $80 a ticket, Prizes and dinner included!!

Contact us to reserve your spot!


Happy New Year!  2014 has brought us another sad case that we need help with!

 Adorable Lucy is a 7-8 year old Yorkie mix who was found dumped and badly suffering in a rural area.  One of our valued volunteers lives in the area and was the one to find her.  She kindly offered to foster her and has been driving her back and forth for the vast amount of vetting this special girl has required so far.  Sadly Lucy was diagnosed with Kidney Disease and had a bad eye infection.  She also only has 4 teeth!  We are not sure if Lucy will ever be adoptable but she is safe, loved, and well cared for until we can get her health in order and hopefully find a very special home to adopt her.  As you can imagine, the costs to save her and keep her comfortable have been very high.  Right now she is requiring fluids every 2 days, antibiotics, and prescription food.  She has also needed multiple urine and blood tests, with more to come.  We are asking for donations to help us keep Lucy going and to hopefully get her healthy enough so that she can find a forever home!  Please click on the donate button below to make a Paypal donation to us, or if a tax receipt is needed, you can follow this link to our Giving Page on Canada Helps!  https://www.canadahelps.org/GivingPages/GivingPage.aspx?gpID=31924


Thanks to the efforts of several of our wonderful volunteers, we now have so many fundraisers on the go that they don't all fit on our home page!  Please click on the "Fundraising" link on the left side of this home page to see all of our fundraisers! 



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