Please Help! 

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Jagger has IBD which took several costly vet visits to diagnose. He also requires a special diet. Jagger is still waiting for a fun active home to take him in.

Jack also has diabetes. He’s such a good boy for his shots, but his insulin and food all need to be paid for by the rescue.


GRAB also offers temporary foster care for pet owners that find themselves unable to care for their furry families. Instead of separating them permanently a generous foster home cares for the pet as their own until their owners find themselves in a position once again to care for their pet.

We also have several kittens rescued from a barn that have needed extensive vetting.

Financial donations go towards vet care and also supplies that aren’t donated directly. GRAB is entirely non-profit so you can be sure that your donation is going directly to the animals that need it.

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Support our pets in another way by providing some good quality cat and dog food, canned and dry. Food donations allow us to save our money for vetting. We have an Amazon gift list which allows you to quickly and easily send food donations right to the rescue from anywhere in the world!

Other Ways to Help:

We can’t thank you enough for helping us to help animals in need!