Our Mission

Grand River All Breed Animal Rescue is a foster-based animal rescue group based in Cambridge, Ontario. We do not operate a shelter – the animals in our program live in home environments with foster owners until they are adopted to a permanent family.

As a non-profit animal rescue group our focus is:

  • to adopt dogs, cats and other companion animals into suitable homes.
  • to ensure that all dogs and cats placed by our rescue are spayed and neutered to ensure that we are not contributing to the pet overpopulation problem.
  • to promote responsible and healthy pet care, including humane training techniques and healthy diets.
  • to rescue animals from over-crowded shelters and the streets.

Grand River All Breed Animal Rescue is multi-faceted. We have many roles:

  • We rescue animals from humane societies and animal controls and adopt them out.
  • We are part of the Safepet program and help foster animals temporarily while their owners find safe housing.
  • We help people in crisis keep their pets by temporarily fostering them or helping with vet care or food and supplies or training
  • We provide food and supplies regularly to a first nation reserve
  • We Trap/Neuter and release feral cats and maintain 6 colonies.

Our members are understanding and caring people who are pet owners and caregivers. They understand the care and attention that pets require but also how fulfilling (if occasionally challenging) a life with pets can be. We’re not here just for the animals, but for their owners as well!