All of the kittens started off a bit shy and wary of us but very quickly turned into snuggle bugs. Now as soon as I walk into the room they will all run over, climb onto my lap and pass out in a big pile.  They all snuggle and play well together, and any pair would do well if adopted out in twos. 

They struggled a bit with the litter box at first, but since we took the mattress (their favourite pee spot) out of the room, they’re much better and there is just the odd accident. 

Aurora has bursts of pure adrenaline and will run around the room. When she snuggles, being on your lap isn’t good enough, and she will climb up your chest onto your shoulders and bury herself in your hair and purr like a jackhammer. She’s such a sweetheart. 

Aurora’s siblings are also available and she’d love to be adopted along with one more of them! Flynn, Mowgli, Ariel, and Oliver.

Aurora is available for adoption through Grand River All Breed rescue.  The adoption donation is $175. All of our cats are spayed or neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated as part of their adoption. If you’d like to adopt, please fill out an application. You can also reach us by email at