Clifford [ON HOLD]

My name is Clifford and I am a 1.5-year-old (approx.) Presa Canario mix! Sadly, I’ve seen my fair share of homes. I’ve been in 7 in my short lifetime and I hope to make the next my last. I came to GRAB as an urgent owner surrender and in poor condition. I was underweight, dirty, and terrified to be changing homes in the middle of the night.

Since arriving at my foster home, I have put on some weight and am sitting at about 120lbs. I am a big boy and still young and immature, so training efforts have been focused on basic manners so I don’t knock anybody over or hurt them accidentally. I am making great progress and can greet my foster family in a (mostly) calm manner at the front door when they get home – even though it is difficult because it’s still one of the greatest parts of my day!

I lived with another dog in my foster home, who recently passed away, and we got along very well! I learned to take physical and verbal cues from her on gentle playing and boundaries. Although I miss her dearly, a home with another dog is not necessary – my people are more important to me. In my foster home, we also have rabbits. They don’t bother me in their house (sometimes I try and sneak hay to eat), but I need supervision when they are out and about because I am naturally curious about them. I have also lived with cats in the past (as per the previous owner).

While my foster parents are at school and work, I am allowed free range of the house. I had been used to a crate at one point in my life, but they aren’t my favourite and I am well behaved on my own so I don’t use one anymore. At home, you can find me anywhere my people are. I love curling up on the couch with them to cuddle, or nearby in my bed while we watch TV. I help supervise the cooking and am great at picking up crumbs and food dropped on the floor. I am very food driven, so if you don’t want anything eaten, please don’t leave it out to tempt me. At night, I am quite comfortable to curl up at the foot of the bed to sleep.

One of my favourite things to do is play fetch. A nice sized backyard would be preferred to be able to run off-leash and play, as being outside is also a favourite of mine (especially in the snow!). I walk well on a leash (with a harness) and am rarely interested in others around me – I just want to explore – but I can be leery around some strangers, so training and gaining confidence and trust in new people is a must. I need walks of about 45-60 minutes a day to keep my mind fresh and release any extra energy. I LOVE durable rubber toys and antler chews to play with, but I have issues with resource guarding valuable toys and my food, so a safe distance and training is still needed in this area.

Even though I am great with the adults that I know in my home, I am very nervous around new people and will require an experienced and confident owner to work with me (and a positive reinforcement trainer) to overcome this. Because of my uneasiness, a quiet and controlled environment at home, with no children, is required.

Clifford is available for adoption through Grand River All Breed rescue.  The adoption donation is $400. All of our dogs are spayed or neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated as part of their adoption. If you’d like to adopt, please fill out an application. You can also reach us by email at


**Jagger is currently unavailable for adoption.**


Jagger is a 2.5 year old border collie / husky cross. He is 60 lbs of short creamy white fur with a striking dappled red nose & ears. He has a truly goofy grin when he’s happy and his expressive toffee brown eyes make it hard to stay mad at him for any length of time. He is house trained and absolutely adores his crate. He often puts himself to bed in it if if his people are up past his bedtime.

Jagger is people pup, he loves meeting new people and will quickly flip over for a belly rub given any incentive. He loves moving from person to person for attention when among groups of people, and enjoys noisy, crowded environments as he sees this as an opportunity for endless petting. Jagger is a very social dog as he will follow his people around the house wanting to be included in anything going on.

Jagger loves playtime, his absolute favourite toy is his tug rope. He’ll amaze you at how fast plush toys can be taken apart. However, he is very gentle with his rubber toys. He tends to get bored, so rotating his toys is a good idea. Outside he plays with a large rubber ball but has the typical husky attitude after a few throws of “if you lose it again it’s not my problem “. Jagger has never truly played with a Frisbee, but given the space would astound you at how high he can jump. He is very smart and learns quickly. He’s food motivated and knows sit, down, wait, look at me, with me, turn, and of course high five.

Jagger leans more towards his husky side. He walks well on his gentle leader but still has a tendency to pull when distracted. He likes nothing better than to see new places, he occasionally gets car sick but this is solved by timing his meals accordingly. Jagger is fascinated by water but doesn’t want to be in it, he will avoid puddles at all costs and take you home if it starts to rain on a walk. He loves being around it and will bring you right to the water’s edge, just don’t try to make him go in.

Jagger is dog reactive, and will bark and lunge when he sees other dogs. This is behavior we believe is fear based as he will take any opportunity to run from the situation. When unable to escape he does have some leash aggression, interpreting any movement towards him as a threat. He has been making great strides towards correcting this, and rarely reacts to neighboring dogs. He would benefit greatly from a course specializing in reactive dogs. Due to his fear aggression he is currently kept on a long lead in a fenced yard for easy recall. Jagger also has food allergies which are avoided by his diet of Forza 10 kibble.

Jagger is an absolute sweetheart. He’s a cuddly fun boy that would do well in a dog savvy home with a well fenced yard with people willing to provide the training that the high energy and northern breeds need. Older children would be great.

Jagger is available for adoption together through Grand River All Breed rescue. The adoption donation is $400. All of our dogs are spayed or neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated as part of their adoption. If you’d like to adopt, please fill out an application. You can also reach us by email at