Annie & Charlie

Annie and Charlie are sisters (approximately 7mths old as of January) that were rescued from an outdoor situation.  Annie is the more outgoing of the two, definitely a lap cat who loves to play.  She will be the first to explore everything and is less shy than Charlie.  She loves to play with string or string on a stick with some small object attached to the end of the string. If you really get her going, she will do flips in the air and even backward somersaults. One of Annie’s favourite pastimes is to sit in the window and watch birds flit back and forth to our bird feeders. They are quite entranced by them. 

Charlie is much more cautious than Annie, and tends to be less visible during the day, but sleeps on the master bed at night and welcomes pets and playing with cat toys (the ones involving string on on a long stick are her favourite, as well as chasing the laser) once she knows you are a safe person.  They both tend to lean more towards softer speech and slower movements generally so a house with kids is not likely going to be a good fit.  They enjoy “play” fighting with each other as well as snuggling up and grooming each other when it’s nap time. They are both quite bonded with one another and we recommend adoption as a pair.

Annie and Charlie were adopted together to a family in Ottawa!