Artemis [Courtesy Post]

Artemis is a beautiful 3 year old Tuxedo who has been raised since birth with our family. Born on April 18, 2020. Artemis is an indoor cat, has been fixed and is litter trained. Sadly, and with heavy hearts, we feel it would be best to re-home Artemis to give him the life he deserves. Artemis and my grandson who is on the spectrum, do not co-exist well together. We raise our grandson. Artemis will hiss at our grandson and is obviously anxious around him. Our grandson will walk backwards to avoid seeing the cat and forever obsesses “where’s the cat” It is clearly obvious that the two are very stressed out by one another. I want more for the both of them. This decision has not come lightly but I feel that there is better out there for Artemis and he deserves more than this. He is a lovely soul. 

Artemis is being rehomed by his owners. This is a courtesy post on their behalf. If you’d like to adopt Artemis, you can also reach us by email at