Molly is 10 weeks old as of July 5th.

Merry Molly is the tiniest of her siblings and the only female in the litter. Although the smallest, she is a tough, funny little girl who wrestles her brothers (as rough as Teddy sometimes!). She is happy to be held for a moment, purring and sometimes perching on your shoulder. Her favourite things to do is hopping from one place to another and climbing high. She recently discovered that window screens are superior to the cat tree, which undeniably, gives her a better view of the world. This has been very much discouraged by her fosters, however she will take the opportunity to climb the screens when she gets any access to them. She has a very unique and prettiest black coat colour that her mama and siblings lack, with slivers of white, like salt and pepper.

Molly’s siblings are also available for adoption: Linus, Percy, and Teddy.

Molly has been adopted!