Floyd is now up for adoption! Floyd is 2 years old and a boxer mix about 45 pounds. He is doing great in his foster home. He loves to run and play ball in the backyard so a large, fenced yard is a must for him as he really enjoys being outdoors. He is friendly with all people but does jump in excitement and go after feet when playing so kids 8 and older are recommended. We don’t yet know how he is with other animals. He does bark at dogs he sees but appears curious and friendly. We can definitely do some meet and greets to see. He needs someone who is willing to work on his basic training. He can be food motivated and is working on the basics like sit, down and come but making progress.

Floyd would prefer a home where people are home most of the time so someone who works from home would be ideal. He does get a bit anxious especially at first when people leave which is understandable considering he is a pup of the pandemic and has been moved around a few times to no fault of his own. He is a sweetheart and loves his tummy rubs and curling up on the couch for a cuddle.

Floyd has been adopted!


Linus is 10 weeks old as of July 5th.

Linus is a sweet, curious little boy that is incredibly gentle with people and other pets. He loves to play tag with the foster’s chihuahua and gives the softest pats with his paws. He is content either by being cuddled in your arms (all the while staring deep into your eyes, guaranteed will melt your heart and soul) or hopping about furniture in the house.

Linus’ siblings are also available for adoption: Teddy, Percy, and Molly.

Linus has been adopted!


Teddy is 10 weeks old as of July 5th.

Teddy is the fluffiest of the four kittens. He loves to explore and climb high or anywhere he thinks he can reach. This has earned him the nickname of “Trouble Teddy”. He is the smallest of the boys but despite his smaller stature, can be a bit rough when wrestling with his brothers and sister. Teddy also has the loudest voice of the bunch. He will not hesitate to let you know when he needs sleep, food or water especially after a long play session around the house. Teddy does not mind being snuggled for a short time before springing back and getting into mischief.

Teddy’s siblings are also available for adoption: Linus, Percy, and Molly.

Teddy has been adopted!


Molly is 10 weeks old as of July 5th.

Merry Molly is the tiniest of her siblings and the only female in the litter. Although the smallest, she is a tough, funny little girl who wrestles her brothers (as rough as Teddy sometimes!). She is happy to be held for a moment, purring and sometimes perching on your shoulder. Her favourite things to do is hopping from one place to another and climbing high. She recently discovered that window screens are superior to the cat tree, which undeniably, gives her a better view of the world. This has been very much discouraged by her fosters, however she will take the opportunity to climb the screens when she gets any access to them. She has a very unique and prettiest black coat colour that her mama and siblings lack, with slivers of white, like salt and pepper.

Molly’s siblings are also available for adoption: Linus, Percy, and Teddy.

Molly has been adopted!


These kittens turned 8 weeks old the week of June 13th.

Sirius: Sirius enjoys his share of shenanigans but is sweet at heart. He’s very social and enjoys roughhousing with his siblings. While he’s happy to play on his own, he enjoys his share of attention! He will be happy in a busy household or as the entertainer in a quieter home.

Sirius’ siblings Ron and Neville are also available for adoption.

Sirius has been adopted!


Callie and her siblings (Delilah & Oreo) were rescued from the outdoors. She is approximately 9-10 weeks old (June 25).She is a very sweet loving kitten that is really starting to come out of her shell.  She gains confidence by having others around her but is now exploring on her own.  She will often meow when she can’t find her furry or human companions.  She would be best adopted with Delilah or Oreo or into a home with other friends where she will grow and blossom.

Callie has been adopted!


Oreo and her siblings (Delilah & Callie) were rescued from the outdoors. They are estimated to be about 9 -10 weeks old ( as of June 25). She is a curious courageous adventurer.  She asserts herself with confidence and loving affection everywhere where she goes.  She loves to play and cuddle.  She is used to dogs and cats and humans of all ages.  She will be a lovely addition to her forever home. She would love to be adopted with one of her siblings or go to a home with another young cat to play with. 

Oreo has been adopted!


Delilah and her siblings (Oreo and Callie) were rescued from the outdoors. She is about 9-10 weeks (June 25). She is a sweet and beautiful adventurous well rounded kitten inside and out.  She loves to play and cuddle with her siblings and humane companions.  She is use to other cats and dogs.  She is never very far from the play action but is happy to chill anywhere.  She will be a wonderful addition to her forever home.

Delilah has been adopted!


These kittens turned 8 weeks old the week of June 13th.

Ginny: This social butterfly lives up to her name. She’s loved by everyone who meets her and exudes confidence. She’s the only girl and rumbles and tumbles happily with her crazy brothers. She will make a happy addition to any home who wants a playmate and a best friend.

Ginny has been adopted!

Nova & Zyra

Nova and Zyra are beautifully bonded sisters, about 4 years old. They can be distinguished by their tails: Nova has a black tail, and Zyra has a white tail. These two are sweethearts with super cuddly, and super cute personalities. They are litter-trained and have never shown any aggression towards people while in their foster home. Their favourite activities are: belly rubs, window-watching, Zyra loves to play with toys, and Nova loves snacking on treats. They are currently indoor-cats and would make great house pets. 

Nova and Zyra has been adopted!

Tiny Tim

My name is Tiny Tim. I am about 10 weeks old (as of Dec. 17th, 2021) I may be tiny but I have a huge heart and a lot of love to give. I was born on the streets to a feral mom and was rescued from this harsh life. The kind lady who found us feeds my mom and we are trying to bring her in too so she can get warm and not have any more litters. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was in a much better place and haven’t looked back. I am a kind gentle soul that loves chilling with people and other animal friends. I purr to show that I love to be picked up for a cuddle. I would like to go to a home with either Harley (14 weeks old) in my foster home or to a home with other kitty friends to play with.

Tiny Tim has been adopted!.


HI! I am Dash, brother to Harley and Dash. We are about 9 weeks old (as of Nov. 13). We were rescued from someone’s backyard and happy to be indoors and warm and fed. I am a super sweet, friendly guy that is coming out of my shell more and more everyday. I love to play with my animal friends but love to get my special time together with my human companions for our cuddle time. If you are looking for some quality kitten time, look no further! I would do best in a quiet home with one of my brothers or another cat to keep me company. 

Dash has been adopted!.


Hi I am Harley. Siblings to Dash and Ash. I am about 9 weeks old (as of Nov. 13). We were rescued in a backyard where we were born to a stray mom.  I am a handsome boy that is sure to steal your heart. I start off a little shy but gain courage from my kitten siblings and other animal playmates in my foster home. I would love to be adopted with one of my brothers. I am playful and as sweet as they come. I am sure to warm your heart.  I will do best in a quiet home with one of my siblings.  

Harley has been adopted!


When the foster mom met Pippa, it was obvious she was the most fearful in the litter – hissing, spitting, and scratching peoples’ hands that came too close for comfort. She loves wrestling with her siblings. We found the best way to get her used to human socialization was to isolate her in a different room away from her brother and sister. Pippa was undoubtedly unimpressed with this change as we’re sure if we understood cat speak – a lot of nasty choice words were uttered. She has come a long way and after many weeks from the patient foster mom spending time with Pippa alone, Pippa realizes that scratches on the back and under the chin are nice -especially when canned food is served. Now she is very chatty and a bit of a purr monster! When you come into her room, she is eager for pets by her terms and only when she can see your hand coming. She hates surprises. She will come to you for some scratches and will run off to play with her toys or lightly bat your hand away when she’s had enough. Pippa loves to climb high and is very good at using the scratching post. She is quite skittish so anything that is new to her must be introduced very slowly. Foster mom is working on picking Pippa up into her arms and progress has been good so far. For her vet visits, gabapentin has been very helpful as a mild sedative before traveling to appointments, along with slow, gentle handling from veterinarian staff so she does not regress back into her fearful state. She should not be restrained in a blanket or towel as these are associated fears of being caught with them. Pippa would do best with another cat in the household or with adults in the household with children 12+.  She is about 4mths old now (as of Nov. 13)

Pippa has been adopted!