Sarah was born on April 16, 2019 in the outdoors as part of a feral colony.  She was brought inside to a foster home at six weeks of age.  Sarah is a special kitten in that she has “Cerebellar Hypoplasia”.  This is a neurological issue that causes her to have unsteadiness and head bobbing while she walks.  There is no treatment for this disease; the condition is permanent; however, the symptoms should not worsen and do not affect the quality or length of her life.  Because she doesn’t know any different, she does not let this stop her.  She still plays with the other foster cats in the home and is quite affectionate.  Her foster mom thinks it just makes her extra cute!  Sarah eats both wet and dry food and has no issues with the litter box. She enjoys playing with her toys and especially likes the laser pointer. Sarah will need a home where she isn’t going to be susceptible to falling downstairs – she would be a perfect apartment or bungalow cat.  She can climb, and is often in the cat tree, but she loses balance and does fall.


Sarah is available for adoption through Grand River All Breed rescue.  The adoption donation is $175. All of our cats are spayed or neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated as part of their adoption. If you’d like to adopt, please fill out an application. You can also reach us by email at