Floyd is now up for adoption! Floyd is 2 years old and a boxer mix about 45 pounds. He is doing great in his foster home. He loves to run and play ball in the backyard so a large, fenced yard is a must for him as he really enjoys being outdoors. He is friendly with all people but does jump in excitement and go after feet when playing so kids 8 and older are recommended. We don’t yet know how he is with other animals. He does bark at dogs he sees but appears curious and friendly. We can definitely do some meet and greets to see. He needs someone who is willing to work on his basic training. He can be food motivated and is working on the basics like sit, down and come but making progress.

Floyd would prefer a home where people are home most of the time so someone who works from home would be ideal. He does get a bit anxious especially at first when people leave which is understandable considering he is a pup of the pandemic and has been moved around a few times to no fault of his own. He is a sweetheart and loves his tummy rubs and curling up on the couch for a cuddle.

Floyd has been adopted!