Jack is a 7-year old long haired male with huge green eyes. He can be very affectionate, quick to greet visitors and happy to climb onto your knees. He likes to play rough, but is never actually aggressive.
From his appearance he is probably part Maine Coon, but is normal in stature and only occasionally vocalizes. In fact he is a very sedate and quiet cat, who takes a passing interest in wildlife outside the window but is content to spend most of the day sleeping. He comes with a pet carrier and a large cat tree.
Jack will probably flourish in a calm and nurturing home, with sufficient stimulus and where he can gain confidence and develop a strong bond.

Jack is available for adoption through Grand River All Breed Rescue.  The adoption donation is $200 per cat. All of our cats are spayed or neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated as part of their adoption. If you’d like to adopt, please fill out an application. You can also reach us by email at GrandRiverRescue@hotmail.com.