Hi, my name is Socks (tabby with white feet) and I am an escape artist who knows how to unlock latches. I am extremely friendly and not afraid of much. I’ve been raised with two golden retrievers, 2 older kittens and I am the bravest of my 2 siblings. I am very affectionate, playful and easy going. At night I curl up with my favourite human and cuddle him to sleep. I am a climber and have a bad habit of counter surfing, I need a clear counter space to keep me safe as I like to try anything. When ever you attempt to clean the litter I am happy to inspect and leave behind a thank you…every time! 

I thrive off of routine, I don’t like to be alone and will cry out for hours if I am by myself. I am best suited for a home that has other animals (kittens/cats/puppies/dogs).