Rosie is a true sweetheart. She was up with her foster person on the couch same day she arrived, and let them clip her nails right away. She was found in Glen Morris and her microchip number is no longer in service so we can’t track down an owner. She is 2 years old. Now while she loves love, like most cats she has her moments where she doesn’t want to be fussed over. She will meow loudly when she wants food and attention, so in the morning and in the evening, she’s also just generally chatty. Shes not too big on treats, she likes them of course, but she doesn’t understand the shaking of a bag or anything. She also won’t eat from hands, she prefers if you put them in front of her. She likes comfortable spots and she will lay in the middle of the floor, she also likes it by the sliding glass door because it’s nice and cool. She uses the scratching post. Shes a big eater and drinker. Shes also a bit of a ghost, she’s there one minute and gone the next time you look and half the time, I don’t know where she is, most likely under my bed, but she could magically appear somewhere else. She sometimes hops away when you approach but sometimes she’ll stay where she is and want pets. She loves most toys, her favourite is this catnip toy called a kitty cigar, she likes to bite and hold onto it.